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1st June 2023

Have you VOTED yet!? Vote YES for Better Pay!

Rising together for Better Pay - Vote YES for Strike Action

Pay talks with the University and Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA) ended in impasse, rather than agreement. UCEA made their latest final pay offer for 2023-24 during the ACAS facilitated dispute resolution talks in February: another below-inflation pay rise.

With RPI inflation at 13.8% in February 2023 and even CPI at 10.4%, like many other workers across the country, between 2022-23 and 2023-24 you are facing the prospect of the biggest ever real terms pay cut.

Vote YES to strike for the pay you deserve.

Higher Education Strike Ballot 2023


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13th September 2022

State Funeral - Strike Dates Change

Following the events of the last week, and the subsequent national mourning period and planned state funeral for HM Queen Elizabeth II, the strike action due to take place at RGU on Monday 19th September has now been cancelled.

The state funeral marks the end of the national mourning period and employers will be working as normal from Tuesday 20th September.

The remaining strike dates announced will therefore continue as planned on 20th and 21st September and 3rd and 4th October.

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20th August 2022

RGU Members Vote for Strike Action Over Pay

We're Worth More - We Can't Afford Less - Vote YES for Strike ActionHigher Education pay campaign and strike ballot 2022 - Results

Members at both the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University have overwhelmingly rejected the employer's pay offer this year. 79.2% of Robert Gordon University members who voted, voted to reject the pay offer, and more than half of UNISON members voted, meaning the vote has met the threshhold for industrial action. 71.4% of University of Aberdeen members who voted, voted to reject the pay offer, however we were just two votes short of meeting the threshhold for industrial action.  Regrettably therefore even though members rejected the pay offer, industrial action cannot take place at UofA. The branch committee will meet this week to decide on next steps and to co-ordinate industrial action with other branches in Scotland and elsewhere.  We will provide more information on what happens next as soon as possible. We would like to thank everyone who voted to reject this derisory pay offer, which does nothing to address the severe cost of living crisis we are now going through, and comes on the back of years of below inflation pay increases, including a 0% increase in 2020, and just 2% in 2021.  We trust that all members will now back this democratic decision and send a clear message to HE employers that this pay award is not acceptable, and that they must come back to the negotiating table with a significantly better offer. On behalf of the UNISON AUB Branch Committte

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29th July 2022

We're Worth More! Vote YES for Strike Action

We're Worth More - We Can't Afford Less - Vote YES for Strike Action

The University and Colleges Employers Association have made their final pay offer: a below-inflation pay rise of 3% for most Higher Education staff and between 9% and 3% for those on pay points 3 to 19. They didn’t offer any more during the dispute process and will now impose this pay increase on 1 August 2022.

With RPI inflation at 11.8% and your pay only set to go up by 3% this pay rise is a pay cut. The higher increases on the lower spinal points are partly being proposed to keep pay at legal rates – we think you’re worth more than that.

Vote YES to strike for the pay you deserve.

Higher Education Strike Ballot 2022

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15th December 2021

Not Good Enough! Vote YES for Strike Action!

Not Good Enough - Vote YES for Strike Action

What did you think of the latest higher education pay offer for 2021/2?

Not good enough. That’s what we think. A measly 1.5% pay rise – for the majority of staff – is all they think you’re worth. With inflation running at over 3%, this is a real terms pay cut. Plus the value of HE pay has fallen by over 17% in the last 12 years.

To add insult to injury, hard-working university staff are now facing a massive increase in living costs as they face a double whammy of rocketing gas and electricity prices as well as increasing national insurance payments of 1.25% from April 2022.

We can’t wait any longer, 1.5% isn’t going to cut it and we need to let them know now by standing together.

Vote YES to strike for the pay you deserve.

Higher Education Strike Ballot 2021

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4th August 2021

Vote YES to strike for the pay we deserve!

Vote YES to strike for the pay we deserve

This week, you should receive a ballot for industrial action on the ‘zero offer’ for the pay year 2021. I am sure you will also receive numerous communications from the employer that seek to undermine UNISON’s campaign for fair pay for university staff.

UNISON senior representatives are adamant that the 0% for 2020/21 deserves to be challenged, and based on the results of consultations with members, our branch has opted to join this strike ballot.

University finances have withstood the various crises brought on by the pandemic, and other parts of Scottish public services still awarded pay rises of 3% or more in 2020/21.

Your colleagues in further education, in a sector that reports to the same Scottish Funding Council and same Scottish Government minister, received 2% or £750, whichever was greater. They also won further improvements in their secondary terms and conditions. This shows it is possible to protect jobs and deliver pay settlements much better than 0%.

In that context, the intransigence of the universities at UK negotiations cannot be justified. A slightly improved offer for the following pay year (again, below other pay offers in Scottish public services) does not make the 0% right.

When your ballot arrives at home, please vote YES as soon as you can, and let the branch know that you have voted so we don’t need to contact you to follow up.

If you’re not minded to vote for action, please still vote, as low turnouts make us look weak, and encourage employers to make further insulting offers to hard-working staff.

Please also encourage your colleagues to use their vote, and to join the union if they haven’t already.

HE Pay Ballot 2020/21   #WorthMoreThanNothing

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20th September 2019

Vote NOW for Better Pay!

Vote YES for Strike Action - Have your say on HE Pay

Why you should vote YES
for strike action...

The offer is a real terms pay cut
  - The pay offer just 1.8% (with lowest paid staff between 1.8 and 3.65%)
- Find out how much you have lost using our PAY CALCULATOR

Our pay claim was much higher than the offer
  - The joint union claim was for 3% +RPI, or a minimum increase of £3,349

UNISON believes we should reject the offer and vote YES for strike action

Your ballot papers should be with you already - if you haven't received them please contact UNISONDirect on 0800 0 857 857


 We need the strongest possible mandate to show the employers the strength of feeling about the pay cuts in HE 

Also, under new Tory legislation, over 50% of members eligible to vote must return their ballot for the vote to be valid.  Don't leave it to one side - return it immediately!

Make sure all your friends and colleagues vote YES for strike action.


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